TRIP PREP: Below is a list of items you may wish to pack for your comfort and convenience. Please also consider our FAQ’s page to answer most questions.

  • Towels,

  • REEF-Safe Sunscreen - We do not permit spray sunscreen of any kind as it makes the boat hazardously slick when the spray aerates and covers all non-skid surfaces with oily sheen.

  • Hats,

  • Sunglasses,

  • Lip balm,

  • Camera,

  • Cash for gratuity & credit card for purchases.

DEPARTURE: Meet at the National Park Visitor’s Center in Cruz Bay St. John.

  • Drop all guests in your group with bags/personal gear/towels at the Visitor’s Center pavilion by the restrooms and national Park office. Send the designated driver to find parking in town. We suggest paid lot for peace of mind as you cannot park in the National Park or Mongoose Junction lots. Try the Lumberyard, Slimman’s, the Lumberyard or paid parking at Wharfside Landing.

  • Guests may wait in the shade near the National Park restrooms and pavilion, but 5 minutes before departure, please walk down the length of the yellow Visitor’s Center building to assemble for boarding.

  • Trips board promptly at departure time at the FAR END of the Visitor’s Center when all guests are assembled. PLEASE NOTE: This is a pickup and drop off area only and we are courteous to other boats embarking and debarking and request your assistance to safely expedite loading and unloading process at the beginning and end of the day. **We are also not permitted to conduct business or accept gratuity while tied to the National Park Dock per our Commercial user agreement. We appreciate settling up for the day ahead of disembarkation.

  • St. Thomas Guests: Take the hourly ferry from Redhook, St. Thomas which arrive in St. John roughly 25 minutes past the hour. If on a private trip, we will meet you at the above meet location on the half hour for your convenience. The walk from the passenger ferry to the National park Dock is less that 5 minutes. If on a public trip, you then have time to grab a coffee to go from Cruz bay Landing or Mongoose Junction’s North Shore Deli. Here is a Google map link to our location:,-64.8640025,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m1!4e2!1m5!1m1!1s0x8c05123c32c94349:0xead6890cde9a19fd!2m2!1d-64.793962!2d18.332494


A quick note to all island visitors: New scientific research conducted over the past 5-10 years had finally been recognized and accepted conclusive evidence that certain chemicals in sunscreens are not only detrimental to the delicate ecosystems & coral reefs but have also been found to be endocrine system interrupters affecting your health. Let’s do our part saving the reefs, but also yourselves by buying and bringing ONLY reef-safe sunscreens.


Avoid ingredients other than non-nano titanium dioxide and zinc oxide—these are mineral based and safe for you and the reefs. although many formulas will claim to be mineral/zinc sunscreen, when you read the ENTIRE INGREDIENT list there are bad ingredients hidden in the lengthy list. FALSE ADVERTISING!

Keep in mind that not only the VI National PK banned non-reef-safe sunscreens, but now the VI government just passed legislation that future sales will not allow either. We hope that merchants will comply during their ordering process, but it is entirely possible that some may slip through the crack. Education is key: JUST ONE DROP of non-reef-safe-sunscreen can kill corals in the volume of water the size of 2 Olympic swimming pools—just imagine what happens when cruise ships bring 1000s of tourists daily to our shorelines. Help us spread the word!