Captain Kelly Quinn


Gave up a career as an organizational psychologist, pursuits of a doctoral degree and teaching at Temple University after a fateful vacation 20 years ago. Traded high heels in for flip flops and never looked back! Sails up to 10,000 miles annually and is known for her welcoming smile and professionalism.


Captain Stephen Sloan


A marine biologist from Texas, Stephen left on his boat in 1988 sailing solo to Nova Scotia leaving Texas and land in his wake. The islands called like sirens and he has been sailing these latitudes ever since. You may also catch him at a local watering hole strumming his 12 string guitar and singing sweet island-inspired tunes.


Pirate Nemo


For dog-friendly charters, Pirate Nemo can join the fun. Nemo is also a Hurricane Irma rescue having been hit by a car during the storms and put into a shelter with 2 broken legs. A fabulous rescue organization sprung him before the inevitable and sponsored to have orthopedic surgery & rehab so that he could learn to walk again. Nemo does not let his pirate peg-legged limp slow him down.