Terms of service

Booking, Payment & Cancellation

  • Bookings:

    • Secure your charter using our real-time boat & itinerary booking software via a convenient online booking calendar for a nominal credit card processing fee of 2.75%

    • Check the above mentioned calendar & email us with cc info to secure your date, but indicate that you wish to pay cash the day of the trip.

      Email: Singing Dog Sailing @gmail.com

      • Charter Date,

      • Name on card,

      • Card number,

      • Exp Date,

      • SEC Code,

      • Billing address & zip

      • Brief statement confirming you are agreeing to our cancellation policy and you are submitting the above CC information to GUARANTEE THE DATE.   Essentially, by booking via email you are inherently agreeing to the below-listed cancellation policy.


  • Gratuity:  All of our private charters and groups of 6 or more on public trips are assessed an automatic 20% gratuity on the total charter bill including base rates and all services.  You are welcome to be more generous if you feel the Captain & Crew went above and beyond standard good service. Otherwise, for public trips, gratuities are suggested as industry standard, but discretionary.

  • Deposits & Payments:  Spots are normally paid for in full using the online booking system —or— balance due the day of departure with CC info collected at time of booking for those wishing to save the nominal credit card processing fee, we can authorize the card, but wait for full payment on the day of the charter.

  • Cancellations or Rescheduling: We will accept cancellations or rescheduling IN WRITING via email to: SINGING DOG SAILING @gmail.com if received more than two (2) weeks before your scheduled private charter with no penalty charge**. Please be mindful that you are entering into a contract similar to that of purchasing an airline seat or theater tickets.

    • From two (2) weeks to four (4) days out prior to your scheduled departure, the cancellation fee is 50% of the cost of your private charter and will be charged to your credit card.

    • From four (4) days to two (2) days, the cancellation fee is 75% of the total cost of your private charter and will be charged to your credit card.

    • After that, (within the 48 hour window of departure) there are no cancellations and no refunds for public or private charter rates and ticket costs. Your credit card will be charged for the 100% full amount of the trip. This includes no-shows and costs for special catering & provisions.

    • **Holiday Premium Time Cancellations: Thanksgiving week, Christmas period from December 15-Jan 15, Easter week, and all 3 day holiday weekends including but not limited to Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, President’s Day, etc. require three (3) weeks or 30 day notice of cancellation or full charge no partial like listed above**).

    • **Multi-Day Charter Cancellations: We require 60 days notice or else 50% charge and 30 days notice or 75% charge. 100% charge if cancelled within 2 weeks.

    • Courtesy: We do not double book or keep a list of people who can take your place. We will keep our commitment to you and expect you to keep your commitment to us. Your submission of a CC# to us via email is proof of your acceptance of this cancellation policy & agreement to book the date.

Weather Cancellations

  • We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to a weather related safety concern (abnormally high winds and/or seas). HOWEVER, we expect seasonally normal higher winds and sea conditions in the winter and cusp seasons (not unsafe) as well as periods of rain throughout most days in the summer as we are in the tropics. We do not cancel for normal rain/passing showers, normal seasonal winds/seas or if it is cloudy, sunny, too hot etc.

  • We will gladly attempt to reschedule a trip to another day if our schedule is available if your concerns over weather would preclude you from enjoying your day with us, however if no alternate date is available we will still hold you to the cancellation policy. You may reschedule your trip date for up to 90 days from originally scheduled departure.

  • We want to have as much fun (if not more) as you, so if a 100% rain day is forecast, then we will of course, unlike any other company, make the decision to cancel and reschedule the trip unless YOU insist you want to go!